The purpose of the Northern California Hospital and Institution Committee of Alcoholics Anonymous is to Carry A.A.s message of recovery to confined alcoholics who cannot get to regular A.A. meetings

New Policies and Procedures Manual

The proposed new Policies and Procedures Manual was Accepted UNANIMOUSLY at the October 11, 2015 General Committee Meeting in Speckles CA.The new Policy Manual is effective immediately and copies will be distributed to Areas beginning in mid-November. Because the new version includes significant changes, we suggest that rather than using up your old manuals, you switch over to the new ones as soon as you receive them. **

(** both manuals revised as of October, 2016).

Section 1 - General Distribution To All H&I Volunteers. Replaces the current version of our Pink Pamphlet.

Section 2 - General Committee

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Development of New Website

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Hospital & Institution Committee P.O. Box 192490 San Francisco, CA 94119-2490 (Make checks payable to: NOR CAL H&I and write your H&I area name on the memo line)